Thursday, February 11, 2016

Selling in Winter is a Great Idea!

Selling in Winter brings out a good number of discussions. In fact, is there ever a better time to sell? Summer is so much nicer and much easier to sell, right?

Well, the answer depends:
1.) Do you mind having your home on the market in inclement weather?
2.) Will your house show as nice as in summer?
3.) The number of showings will be much less in winter
4.) People going out to see homes in winter are much more serious in buying.
5.) People in summer have a hobby in just seeing homes, not serious in buying.

I can come up with many more things to consider, but what I like most is that, yes, you will have less showings in winter, but buyers who go out in bad weather are much more serious and motivated to buy quickly.

A seller might miss a great opportunity to sell when inventory is low and less competition than in summer when everyone starts to list. Also, you might have a better chance to get a higher price. 

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